Contracting Services

Our mission is to bring necessary expertise, experience and value to conceptualize, to create, and to execute the new development and rehabilitation of residential and commercial projects for our client’s real estate portfolio. 

Our business plan is to work with our clients to assure successful building projects for owners, developers and private individuals for projects of any size. We provide expert construction services from the initial project concept to final completion. We create and maintain the best project team, cost controls and schedule throughout the work. Our specialized contracting services include negotiated or competitive, fee or cost based agreements.

We draw on years of experience in field and executive management, with successful delivery of dozens of projects with total valuation over $1 billion, to deliver reliable construction and consulting services.

We work with individuals, homeowners, residential and commercial developers and contractors who wish to add value, depth and expertise to project upgrades, remodeling or new construction, as well as acquisitions for the development and delivery of properties.

Bay Hill Builders is a California general building contractor, license 874937, specializing in projects for owners interested in identifying, qualifying, soliciting and contracting with project architects, engineers, consultants and contractors.
We manage standard, modified, integrated and coordinated design, consulting and construction contracts and agreements. We represent the program, criteria and interests of owners.

We have long and successful experience with land pre-purchase due diligence, with project organization and project team development, preconstruction management, detailed budgeting, scheduling and contracting, and with on time, on budget project delivery.

We deliver complete project services from concept to completion by:

Creating and verifying budgets, estimates and controlling trade bids during the pre-construction conceptual, design development and complete pre-purchasing of work during construction document phases;

Complete work scoping of sub-trades and purchasing within the approved budget for each line item;

We optimize the development of critical path scheduling, integrating lender requirements.

During the construction phase we continually support the project through:

    • Administering all of the owner’s integrated agreements;
    • Effective team communication and reports to the owner;  
    • Coordination of design, engineering and contractors;
    • Critical Path schedule maintenance;
    • Early lead-time material purchasing;
    • Administration of contract buyouts;  
    • Quality inspections;  
    • Payment processing;   
    • Contract compliance;   
    • Claims management;
    • Lender support;  
    • Project acceptance;
    • Contract closeout;  
    • Accounts settlement.

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