Consulting Services & Best Practices for Success

Consulting services include:

  • Owner representation for planning, permitting, inspections and approvals
  • Construction cost budgeting and planning 
  • Product and material selection support
  • Critical Path scheduling and schedule maintenance
  • Design and engineering referrals, agreements and management
  • Subcontractor qualification, scope letters, proposal requests, budgets, contracts
  • Lender support and payment review
  • Full service project delivery and close out”

In the many years of projects large and small for our clients, the owners, we have found that the following practices are essential to success.

We believe in creating both the expectation and means to deliver a superior project that meets the owner's needs for quality, time and cost.  

To accomplish this, we apply the following principles:

1. The owner's original contract controls all of the work: truly, who pays the piper calls the tune.

2. The owner's design and cost criteria ultimately rule: see #1.

3. No fault, no risk agreements: the owner, for convenience and without penalty, with three days written notice may terminate any contract.

4. Phased pre-approved cost or contract commitments: no cost is committed or contract signed without full budget and schedule review and consent by the owner.

5. Open book cost accounting: all cost proposals are sent directly to the owner by vendors, suppliers or consultants.

6. Pass through purchasing and invoicing: owner accepts responsibility for all payments.

7. Owner based scheduling: the time and dates for the start and completion of the work are set by the owner.

8. Legacy architectural design: all new work must fit seamlessly into the project and new projects are organized around owner criteria.

9. Universal barrier free design: projects allow for access and use of all areas by anyone.

10. Zero net energy principles: a goal of autonomy through energy conservation, generation and management guides decisions.

11. Quality control throughout: continuous observation from concept to completion.

12. Long term warranty and maintenance procedures: all work has some form of guarantee and owner program for upkeep.

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