The Path To Zero Net Energy Homes

Primary objectives of ZNE engineering include:

Energy security, autonomy and privacy for all,

Independence from imported utility energy fuel,

Reduction and elimination of pollution caused by energy production,

Reduction of the net cost of energy.

The intent of ZNE residential design and engineering is to reverse historic reliance on expensive, non-renewable and polluting energy, to trend away from dependence on centralized energy production, substituting affordable and dependable site-based generation, recovery, storage and efficient management for secure and reliable domestic energy needs.

Sunlight, air and water belong to those upon whom it passes.  On land that you own by virtue of title, it is your right to have and use its value in your interest and benefit, within the laws of man and nature.

All people have the right to build, buy, and install domestic power generation for private use and to sell excess power to others. You may purchase utility-sourced power at publicly negotiated prices and you may sell domestically sourced power at the same rate of exchange. You may decline selling power for convenience and you may distribute power among a cooperative group.

Whole house energy and space conditioning as cost-effective conservation measures are possible today using the following criteria as design guidelines: a super-efficient high R-rated building envelope using, for example, structural insulated panels up to 10” thick; energy recapture devices; heat mirror and insulated glazing; ground source geothermal energy; photovoltaic and thermal panels on all available sun-exposed exterior surfaces; large capacity heated water, heated air and site generated electrical storage and extensive sensoring with programmable digital controls.

With the federal tax credits and other incentives now in place, the time is right for conversion to sustainable and non-polluting site energy generation. Building permanent structures with integrated energy producing photovoltaic systems, solar thermal heat collection, wind and water flow power, to heat and power our homes, to accelerate food production at home, while remaining secure, independent and autonomous, we cut the need for utility power, for politics based on economic need, and decrease our destructive use of the planet’s resources.

Bay Hill Builders is your partner in taking these essential and necessary steps.

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